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As a coach I find it so easy to give to my clients. I hear them. Understand them. Help them find their true meaning. I love seeing them wake up to their true selves. Yet at times, I forgot about myself. Apart from being a coach, I am also a single mother to a gorgeous yet demanding 5 year old boy. And I am a daughter, lover and friend. Nurturing myself seemed like a foreign concept. Something I had read about in books. Like sleep … Until I met Jacqueline Conroy. Through her Nurture Your-self Facebook group, and the 1:1 contact that we established later on, I understood to first and foremost listen to myself. To care for myself in order to take better care of my son. And my clients. If you have a need for self-care, if you have something on your mind or soul that requires proper nourishment: work with Jacqueline. She brings with her innate wisdom and an in depth knowledge of life. Furthermore, she is more than professionally qualified to help you on your healing journey.
(Sandra - Coach)

Through out my journey of understanding who I am and understanding my pain and trauma, I have approached many people, paid a ton of money. I have tried everything and anything that gave me hope, from energy and holistic healers, to psychics and psychologists you name it and I have tried it. Some of the things and people who came my way helped, but mostly, after everything I tried I came away with a feeling of dissatisfaction. I felt something lacking. What was lacking was the humane touch, I was just another client for them but this is not the case with Jacqueline. Even after our skype sessions with me she kept in touch by email, checking on how I was doing and was ever ready to speak to me if I needed her. I know I can reach out to her any time without hesitation and she will support me. From Jacqueline I have received love, compassion, encouragement and acceptance. Not once did she judge anything I was going through as right or wrong. For her, there is no right or wrong, this is my healing process and for me, at this point is just right. Her positive and nurturing ways and her kind words have helped me more than anything else has so far. I wish the world had more people like her. Thank you Jacqueline, you are the best! Love you and Bless you!
(MP - Skype Client)
Jacqueline held my hand and touched my heart and helped me heal through a really hard time in my life and for that I will always be grateful.

"The Calmness and peace wraps around you as you enter Jacqueline's studio. It is distinctive and then her quiet and serene manner encourages effortless conversation. Whether it is for therapy or conversation Jacqueline listens. Jacqueline Conroy is a Master listener"
Toni Rogers

Read about me and the philosophies behind how I work. This article was published in the Kuranda paper written by the talented Toni Rogers

Thanks Jacqueline for your amazing and loving support.  The session I had with you was so spot on.  And I felt really inspired to take a number of actions after our session.  Thank you very much!

I can honestly say that the flexibility and level of comfort provided during my sessions with Jacqueline gave me what I need to understand the complexity of PTSD and begin my healing journey.  I can’t imagine who I would be today or even if I would be here today, without the support and understanding Jacqueline provided me.

I gained an instant sense of hope and light at the end of the tunnel with my sessions, but it was a constant battle to maintain that hope. Jacqueline gave the skills and tools necessary to deal with the challenging times. She also reminded me that it was important not to put a time frame on my healing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had already tried counselling with another therapist and I was getting progressively worse. This is when I can honestly say I felt like the experience I was having was beyond my control and I was going to end up in a mental institution. So when I started counselling with Talking Therapies I was surprised at the calm and relaxed approach and I always felt understood. No matter what I was explaining I always felt like Jacqueline understood and felt that it was ok to be where I was emotionally, and that it was all part of the healing process. To have someone understand me and my experience, meant so much to me. It felt as though there was hope again.
Jacqueline's sessions are amazing, she has a warm, inviting atmosphere and is very easy to talk to.  She is empathetic, intuitive and also has an esoteric approach - which I loved!  I got lots of a-ha’s and ideas to try and an action plan to go forward with after our session.  I seriously recommend anyone to work with Jacqueline - she is wonderful!
Rosemarie St. Louis Transformation Coach, Intuitive Grounded Coaching

When I first started seeing Jacqueline I felt overwhelmed.  I felt like I wasn’t coping with everyday life and I felt anxious about many things.  I wasn’t happy and I felt like my life was out of control.  I was a mother of two young children and we all had some health issues that we were dealing with as well at that time. Things had just gotten too hard for me and I realised I needed some help.

At the time I was very anxious, fearful, depressed, confused, extremely distressed and I possessed little hope for any progress. I didn’t feel myself.  The constant chatter in my head was nonstop and I couldn’t even sleep to escape it. If I did sleep it was only for 2-3 hours max then I would drift in and out of sleep for the rest of the night. I often felt as though I was in a very dark deep forest and I just couldn’t find my way out, no matter how hard I tried.

With Jacqueline’s help I realised that it wasn’t giving into the fear, it was learning self-kindness, self-love, understanding my poor wounded mind.  Jacqueline taught me that I needed to care for my mind and nurture it like I would any other trauma site on my body.

I loved doing the art therapy activities that Jacqueline used in our work together.  I also really valued feeling like I was being listened to on a very deep level.

I was always treated with kindness and respect by Jacqueline.  To me it always felt like she knew just the right thing to say or book or activity to recommend to me at the right time, to enhance my healing and personal development.
I felt very comfortable, I felt heard and understood – And supported.

During the therapy process, I was much more comfortable than I imagined.  I felt understood, that I could say anything. I felt free to talk. Lots of laughs as well as tears. I am feeling better to have shared my story, to have someone listen and offer some way forward. I feel better now knowing there is help and support along the way if I need it. I feel optimistic about the future, but trying to live more in the present.  I am also treating myself with a bit more care and understanding. I am learning to take care of myself, as well as taking care of other people.

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