Privacy Policy Statement

Jacqueline Conroy Talking Therapies offers services to assist individuals, families and young people to enhance the understanding, increase knowledge and skills and build capacity to adapt to mental illness. This includes counselling, psycho-education and therapeutic and clinical responses to mental health plans and inline with Focused Psychological Services (FPS). Referrals and access to psychosocial services and community support services to address housing, financial security and employment opportunities.

We need to collect personal information from people using these services so we can:

  • analyse service efficacy
  • evaluate and improve services, and
  • Identify new services required
Protecting privacy is a key part of our normal operations and complies with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and current updates. We provide personal information to other organisations and groups and groups only at the express wishes of the person and only with their written consent. We will need to share your information with referring doctor as part of Mental Health Care Treatment Plans and fitting with MBS guidelines.

We do not disclose information to any other outside third-party organisation, unless it will contravene our ‘duty of care’ to the person and/or ‘legal mandatory reporting obligations’ (i.e. that the person is assessed to be of danger to themselves and/or others).

All people may:
  • access the personal information that we hold about them,
  • obtain copies of any signed service documents, and/or
  • change their mind at any time about participating in, or being part of a service.

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