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How to get off the emotional rollercoaster when your world seems out of control

Discover a toolbox of skills and strategies to have peace and happiness in your life.

Are you stuck in a cycle of anxiety, worry and overwhelm?

Are you lost in the darkness of hopelessness, helplessness and numb with pain?

Do you feel agitated and restless and at the same time you are paralysed and not able to get anything done or make the changes you know you need to?

Feelings of agitation and worry coupled with feeling stuck are your body’s response to fear. The mental, emotional states are an evolutionary thing to keep you safe.

If you are stuck in the cycle of anxiety and overwhelmed and/or stuck in the darkness of painful despair the Soothe Your Spirit Toolbox is your key to peace and happiness.

Imagine what it would be like to stop that internal shaking, your brain fog, and the jittery feelings in the pit of your stomach. Imagine if you did not wake up everyday feeling heavy and your body is just a shell of emptiness. Imagine if you did react at zero to 100 in two seconds flat and worry about everything. Imagine if you thought you are worthy and enough. Imagine if you would not be deeply hurt by what is said to you or you believe someone is thinking about you.

I am a qualified and registered mental health counselor/psychotherapist and Mental Heath Social Worker. I work holistically to manage mental, emotional and spiritual distress and crisis.

The exciting field of neuroscience provides the scientific evidence that we cannot isolate the brain, body and spirit - that we cannot isolate the internal from the external environment. Neuroscience has proved the plasticity (ability to change) of the brain. You can build new neuron-pathways and highways and choose the thoughts and feelings you want – your emotional masterpiece and mindset.

Babette Rothchild, as do all therapists, who use brain’s plasicity (the brains ability to change) understand that physical, mental emotional and spiritual ‘shock’ is felt by the body as a trauma. The body and brain react with the Fright and Flight response. Babette says, “Trauma cannot begin to be processed much less ‘controlled’ in the absence of the ability to tolerate affect [emotional reactions]”

All the activities and information in Soothe Your Spirit are evidence-based and safe for you to complete on your own. Thousands of hours working with my clients and the published research of experts in the neuroscience field prove these emotional regulating skills and strategies work. I have gathered my client’s favourites into the Soothe Your Spirit course - the ones they tell me have changed their lives and found the happiness and peace they crave.

The course gives you a toolbox of skills and strategies to reduce and relieve your emotional distress and free your spirit stuck in cycles of pain and fear.

Be Right Here Right Now! - Bonus Self-Soothing Tools to use when you are feeling out of control or overwhelmed by life-situations or triggered by distressing thoughts or painful memories.

Develop a Deeper Aware of YOU! - Complete the art and written activities to increase your awareness and acceptance of your emotional and spiritual landscape. Learn to use your mind to change your brain to change your mind.

Daily Practices to Make the Changes YOU Want - Breathe, Mindfulness/Labyrinth Walking and creative journaling activities to soothe your spirit. You will learn how to retrain your body and brain so you can respond to not react from fear and your unique triggers.

Emerge and Thrive - Create Goals and Move Forward: Art activities to allow you to bypass your limiting beliefs and editing processes of your mind to create your emotional masterpiece. Create spaces despite the fear, emerge, grow and thrive.
Bonus Therapy/Counseling Package
Individual online therapeutic support is available if you want to go deeper. Special offer for Soothe Your Spirit participants US$110 per 60 minute individual session or US$380 for 4 x 60 minute individual sessions.

Soothe Your Spirit toolbox of skills and strategies will help you regulate and reduce your distress RIGHT NOW!
You will know how to:
  • have peace and happiness in your life
  • be more loving and feel more loved
  • be right here right now
  • be less reactive and respond without guilt and regrets to life’s challenges
  • have better health
  • know that you are not going crazy! emerge into the light and shine.
What Soothe Your Spirit clients have said:
“Soothe Your Spirit provided me with the tool kit and a lamp to light the way. A simple yet profound understanding of the brain coupled with specifically tailored art activities unlocked the deep, dark mystery of my experience of mental "illness". Jacqueline's work has most certainly transformed my breakdown into breakthrough after breakthrough."

“I kept putting off doing the creative therapy exercise “Move Past the Fear” as I struggled to get into that space of self-care. After procrastinating over a few weeks I decided to finally move on the activity and I found myself really enjoying the process of going out and buying the paints, crayons and setting up a creative table and space my inner child was overjoyed. The actual carrying out of the steps of the exercise I found easy to follow, and I felt safe throughout the process as I was gently guided into dropping through layers where I experienced a profound healing and release. The Activity Explore the Fear is liberating, restorative and therapeutic, I wish I had of done it sooner.”

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