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Living with symptoms of Bipolar 2 - Use art to thrive.

LisaDianaWhy Art Journal?

LisaDiana Delaney

Because I want to feel better!  I finally want to be in control of my brain disease symptoms and be able to function like a "normal" person.  To do that, I need to be able to "dump" my symptoms .  

Did you see I didn't say, "my emotions"? Why?  Because I see Bi-Polar 2 as a brain disease with symptoms NOT a mental illness.  That's MY view on it.  It's not in my mind.  It's in my brain and it causes anxiety, panic, tremors, stammering, dizziness, exhaustion and a depth of depression that is bottomless.  Those are MY symptoms.  I don't create them.  They are caused by my brain disease.  I'm not responsible for my symptoms any more than a cancer patient is responsible for hers.  My view might not be familiar or popular but I believe the only way to change anything, like the terrible stigma of "mental illness" is to change the way people talk about it.  So, I changed the wording to----brain disease with symptoms.

How I learned to accept my symptoms
For years, my symptoms ran amuck and made it very difficult for me to feel stable.  I also felt very guilty if I ever "dumped" my symptoms on my loved ones so I lived in a pretty unpleasant silence about the depth and array of my symptoms.  I couldn't hide them all, of course, but I sure did try.   It wasn't until I was 44 that I gave up trying.  I finally accepted my diagnosis, changed my verbiage and decided to figure out how to live with a brain disease.  I got the right doctor and got the right medication but those symptoms were here to stay.  That's when I figured it out.  Instead of "dumping" my symptoms on my loved ones, why not "dump" them into something else?  But, what?

How I learned to THRIVE
My goal was to live with this disease but really, I wanted to THRIVE.  I needed to be able to dump my symptoms at any moment and in any place so it had to be a physical thing and one I could transport easily.  A book.  That would work!  I'll just write them all down in a journal.  That would be easy and portable. Only problem, I was never into journal writing.   So, I kept thinking.

I've loved empty notebooks since I was a kid because they had so much potential.  I kept thinking.  I also loved my grandfather's tiny art studio as a kid and was always inspired when I walked in there.  I kept thinking.  Then I saw them!  ART JOURNALS!!  There were even FaceBook groups devoted to creating them.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to create one. Even more, I was excited to see if it would help.

LisaDiana art journal

LisaDiana Delaney Art Journal

LisaDiana art journal2

LisaDiana Delaney

LisaDiana art journal3

LisaDiana Art Journal

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LisaDiana ginger dawn

LisaDiana Delaney - Ginger Dawn

That's what my blog and site are all about--thriving with a brain disease and art journaling. Follow me and see how I do it every day!


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