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45 Gratitude Keys: Be Happy. Live Gratefully.

45 gratitude keysA grateful world is full of joyful, happy people. How you imagine your happiness may differ from other people but we all want to be happy. To be happy you need to live a grateful life. Gratitude keys will help you be grateful and feel the happiness and joy in every moment you experience.

What is Happiness?

Some people appear to have everything but they are not happy always wanting more. Others have experienced misfortunes and sadness yet they are radiate happiness and joy. They are happy and joyful because they are grateful. Happiness does not make us grateful. Gratefulness makes us happy.

What is Gratefulness?

What makes us feel grateful at a heart level? When something that's really valuable to you and you realise that it's freely given, then gratefulness spontaneously rises in your heart. That is how gratefulness happens. Spontaneously, with the heartfelt gratitude, happiness and joy rises in your heart.

Living Gratefully.

You have the opportunity for Living Gratefully and Being Joyful. You can live gratefully by experiencing, by becoming aware that every moment is a given moment gifted to you. What you are really grateful for is the opportunity of that moment, not the thing that is happens in that moment. Even when you are confronted with or experience something that is challenging or a take-your-breath-away tragedy, you can respond with gratefulness for the moment of opportunity given to you.

Living gratefully

How to be Grateful and Joyful.

Use the STOP, LOOK, GO technique to be grateful for every valuable moment you have been freely given.

STOP: slow down, take a breath and ground your self,

LOOK: really see what is happening here

GO: take action and respond to the moment. Do not react from a polarising judgment to what is occurring or what is triggering you.

Gratitude and Happiness are connected?

The one thing all humans have in common is that each of us wants to be happy, says Brother David Steindl-Rast, a monk and interfaith scholar. And happiness, he suggests, is born from gratitude. An inspiring lesson in slowing down, looking where you’re going, and above all, being grateful.


A grateful world is a world full of joyful people. Grateful people are joyful people and the more and more joyful people there are, the more and more we'll have a joyful world. (David Stiendl-Rast)

45 EVERYDAY GRATITUDE KEYS - Greet each moment with gratefulness

1.           VALUING - Valuing simplicity.

2.           TRUSTING - Life is for living.

3.           LIVING - Living authentically.

4.           BEING - Being thankful.

5.           FREEDOM - Opportunities to choose.

6.           HONOURING - Honouring the sacred.

7.           FINDING - Finding connection.

8.           LISTENING - Listening with intent.

9.           ACCEPTING – Accepting what is.

10.       ASKING - Asking for help.

11.       LOOKING - Looking inward.

12.       LOVING - Loving and being loved.

13.       FORGIVING – Forgive for your well-being.

14.       WONDERING - Wondering at the mystery.

15.       DEVELOPING - Developing insight.

16.       ACCEPTANCE - Accept who you are.

17.       STANDING - Standing in uncertainty.

18.       GROWING - Growing in wisdom.

19.       BASKING - Basking in abundance.

20.       DARING - Daring to dream.

21.       REMEMBERING - Remembering your blessings.

22.       NOTICING - Noticing beauty.

23.       LETTING - Letting go.

24.       SPARKLING - Sparkling with creativity.

25.       EMBRACING -Embracing change.

26.       SEARCHING - Searching for meaning.

27.       ALLOWING - Allowing stillness.

28.       GIVING - Giving without conditions.

29.       RECOGNISING - Recognising possibilities.

30.       SEEKING - Seeking balance.

31.       RETURNING - Returning home.

32.       WORKING - Working with purpose.

33.       WELCOMING - Welcoming others.

34.       LASTING - Lasting the distance.

35.       IMAGINING - Imagining the future.

36.       HEARING - Hearing the message.

37.       DANCING - Dancing the joy.

38.       LEARNING - Life-long learning.

39.       STRUGGLES - Lessons in the struggle.

40.       CELEBRATING - Celebrating the difference.

41.       LOOKING - Looking for signposts.

42.       SHARING - Sharing your gifts.

43.       WALKING - Walking through shadows.

44.       TOUCHING - Touching the sky.

45.       STRETCHING - Stretching your comfort-zone.
BE Happy, Be Grateful

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