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Deadlines! Overcommitted! Overwhelmed!

ESC Add State of mind State of body State of spiritPractitioners of meditation and yoga have a fundamental understanding of the connection between mind, body and spirit. Eastern health practitioners use this principal to heal physical and mental health problems. More recently Western neuroscientists have made a body-mind-spirit connection explicit in the treatment of stress and trauma related mental and physical illness. Stress!Too many deadlines? Too much drama in your life? The World Health Organisation has stated that stress is an epidemic of the 21st Century. It is absolutely critical to reduce the high levels of stress that you experience – your physical, mental and spiritual health depends on it! The U. S. Centre for Disease Control recently reported that more than 50% of deaths in the under 65 age group are stress related. Chronic high levels the stress hormone cortisol is believed to hard wire your brain, reducing access to the...
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Overwhelmed by Problems? 6 Easy Steps to Find Solutions

overwhelmedOverwhelmed by problems? Follow these 6 easy problem solving steps to get unstuck and find solutions to your problems - small and large. Use the 6 problem-solving steps to work through issues that are holding you back or creating conflict in your relationships. Happiness is not the absence of problems it is having the ability to solve them. Sometimes it is not enough to just cope with your problems or issues you need to be able to work through them and find solutions. People who can solve problems have a greater sense of control in their lives and increased well-being.Problem Solving Skills can help you: work through issues overcome challenges maintain relationships gain a sense of control in your life develop coping strategies feel less stressed feel less overwhelmed feel less worry and anxiety be less frustrated about issues Following a step-by-step plan to define your problem, brainstorm solutions, implement, evaluate...
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45 Gratitude Keys: Be Happy. Live Gratefully.

45 gratitude keysA grateful world is full of joyful, happy people. How you imagine your happiness may differ from other people but we all want to be happy. To be happy you need to live a grateful life. Gratitude keys will help you be grateful and feel the happiness and joy in every moment you experience.What is Happiness?Some people appear to have everything but they are not happy always wanting more. Others have experienced misfortunes and sadness yet they are radiate happiness and joy. They are happy and joyful because they are grateful. Happiness does not make us grateful. Gratefulness makes us happy.What is Gratefulness?What makes us feel grateful at a heart level? When something that's really valuable to you and you realise that it's freely given, then gratefulness spontaneously rises in your heart. That is how gratefulness happens. Spontaneously, with the heartfelt gratitude, happiness and joy rises in your heart. Living Gratefully.You...
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Living with symptoms of Bipolar 2 - Use art to thrive.

LisaDianaWhy Art Journal? LisaDiana Delaney Because I want to feel better!  I finally want to be in control of my brain disease symptoms and be able to function like a "normal" person.  To do that, I need to be able to "dump" my symptoms .  Did you see I didn't say, "my emotions"? Why?  Because I see Bi-Polar 2 as a brain disease with symptoms NOT a mental illness.  That's MY view on it.  It's not in my mind.  It's in my brain and it causes anxiety, panic, tremors, stammering, dizziness, exhaustion and a depth of depression that is bottomless.  Those are MY symptoms.  I don't create them.  They are caused by my brain disease.  I'm not responsible for my symptoms any more than a cancer patient is responsible for hers.  My view might not be familiar or popular but I believe the only way to change anything, like the terrible...
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Respect is an Action Word

static1.squarespace.comRespect (definition) is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.Respect has many facets.Respect for gender. Respect for culture. Respect for religious or spiritual beliefs. Respect for sexual preference.Respect for Your-Self.   Different but part of the whole Respect difference - yours and mine. Not everyone has the same values, beliefs or ways of being AND that is OK.You can respect difference AND enjoy connection.Diversity adds a richness to life Have you ever let something go until the resentment explodes from you like a spewing volcano?Have you tried to avoid conflict by "swallowing" the anger at the lack of consideration for your needs or disrespect for you? When you have had a "gut full" you finally ask for what like a screaming banshee only to have the other person say "why didn't you tell me?" or loose the relationship/friendship/job.Be respectful with others -...
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